I love seeing different places in foreign countries or local neighbourhoods.

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The human face is stunning. Every wrinkle tells its own story.

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Eveywhere I go my camera is always with me. Wether it’s through foreign countries or local streets.

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Combining two of my favourite things: music and photography.

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Latest Stories

Life is Pain
15 May 2016 by Andris 

Last time I was shooting the show of Life is Pain it was the first time that I used the Fujifilm X-T1...

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6 May 2016 by Andris 

The weather forecast for this year’s Ascension Day was pretty promising. So we decided to do a trip...

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Photo Walk 
Schloss Waldegg / Königsweiher
30 April 2016 by Andris 

Yesterday was a pretty cold but sunshiny day so Caramelle and I headed to the «Waldegg Manor» in St. Niklaus...

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